These are the official rules of EOC. If you break them, the creators and administrators of EOC Have the right to take whatever action necessary including deletion of your account without warning if found suitable. The decisions of the creators and adminstrators is final. Information on these decisions are private and will not be discussed with anyone other than the parties involved.

1. Registration & "Multi-ing"
You are allowed to create one, and ONLY ONE account in EOC. If you would like to delete your account and make a new one, send an email to and we will delete your account.

You will not at any time have access to more than one account for whatever reason.

Things you MUST NOT do include:

a. Creating or registration of an account for a friend/family member.
b. Taking ownership of an account that somone has offered to you.
c. You must never give your personal login details to anyone.
d. You must never allow anyone else to enter your account.
If you suspect someone of being a "Multi" then report them to

2. Abusive Language
You are not allowed to use any kind of abusive language in the game. The definition of abusive messages are simple. If the person receiving the message reports it to the admistration then that person has been offended.

a. Depending on the content of the offensive message, you may be warned once or even deleted without warning.
b. Reporting message that do not have offensive words in them will result in you being warned.

4. "Bots" & "Managers"
At NO point do you have any valid reason to be using any other program in conjunction with how EOC is presented to you through your browser.

No program is allowed to have access to your EOC browser. Any tools or programs you use that gives you an added advantage and is not cleared and made available to every player is deemed illegal and therefore cheating.

Having programs or tools to enable mass mailing is also forbidden. users reported for spamming, sending messages to everyone in the game, will be investigated and deleted.

5. Other
Please remember your netiquette when you use the communications in game. Sending pointless message to "All Friendlies" is the same as spamming and is detrimental to your side as well. Please do NOT do it.

You must not globally publish any kind of external contact details about yourself on the site, this includes email addresses and instant messenger details. All in game communication must be done through the game system.

Finally, we remind you that any other ways of abusing the game or site not directly covered by the rules, may also be reason enough for deleting of accounts. These rules are created to ensure that everyone can enjoy a fair game and for your protection, where the best player will come out on top, not the best cheater. If everyone sticks to the rules, everyone will benefit from it.

Any questions regarding the rules can be asked in the Forum.