1. New pilots cannot be attacked by enemies until they have made their first move in the game.
  2. Each turn occurs every 3 hours.
  3. During each turn you have 5 available moves to perform actions in the game.
  4. Every turn you can:
    • Attack an enemy ship in your sector (Uses 1 move)
    • Make a repair on your ship (Uses 1 move)
    • Capsule Jump to a new sector (Uses 5 moves)
    • Power down your ship (Uses 5 moves)
    • Scan your sector for any useful space junk that might be in your sector (Uses 1 move)
  5. Attacking an enemy pilot will score you points and inflict damage on their ship. High level pilots will score very little from attacking lower level pilots. Attacking pilots of the same level or higher will give you bonus points.
  6. Whilst capsule jumping you are in between sectors and cannot do any kind of scanning of sectors and cannot be attacked.
  7. You cannot capsule jump during the last 15 minutes of any turn or the first 5 minutes of a turn.
  8. Powering down your ship renders you invisible to enemy scanners but you cannot attack either. Powering down lasts until you choose to power your ship back up. You can still scan whilst powered down and capsule jumping to a new sector or picking up an LDA shield booster automatically powers up your ship. You can still be attacked by enemy ships whilst powered down if they find a Seeker Missile pack or Gattling Gun.
    Ships Lvl 7 or above and Fleet Commanders cannot power down their ships. If an FC accepts the position and is currently powered down, then they will automatically power up, and have their ability to power down disabled.
  9. Each Faction has a home sector containing their Head Quaters. If any Faction loses their Head Quaters then if their current ship is destroyed they will not beable to jump into a new ship of that faction. Their escape pod will be picked up by a local faction and you will fight for that faction. Any new players will not be able to sign up on their side either.
  10. If your Head Quaters becomes heavily damaged you will not be able to make any long range communications transmissions until it is repaired.
  11. Each Faction needs to dominate as many sectors as possible, as dominating sectors allows you to retrieve supplies to repair your base after an attack, as does having more active players in your Faction. Your Head Quaters will get repaired after each turn depending on these factors.

Moving up the Ranks
As your score increases, so will your rank. Your ship will be improved, and every 2 ranks you will be given a new type of ship to pilot.

Rank Hitpoints Required Score
1 2000 0
2 3000 2000
3 4000 4000
4 5000 6000
5 6000 8000
6 7000 12000
7 8000 16000
8 9000 24000
9 10000 32000
10 11000 50000


  1. It is often safer to fly in sectors that are dominated by your Faction so that they can help defend you if you're being attacked
  2. Using all your moves at the beginning of a turn is not necessarily the best thing to do. Remember, you can be attacked throughout that turn and you may need to repair, power down or hyper out of the sector.
  3. Communicate with your friendly pilots regularly so that you can stay informed of what else is happening in other sectors.
  4. Use the communications system to coordinate attacks on enemy ships or bases.
  5. Do not leave your ship in Firefrost for long periods of time as your ship will get damaged every turn flying through that sector!
  6. If you haven't already, sign up for the EOC Online Forums and ask questions there