Q. What are the technical requirements for EOC Online?
A. We recommend Internet Explorer 5 or above, with the Macromedia Flash Plug-in installed also.

Q) Is it an add-on developed by Particle, or a mod made by free-lance fans?
A) It's a game developed by the VISION studios for Infogrames / Particle Systems.

Q) Will it be available for download, for free ?
A) Yes this game is totally free, but it's an online browser based game. It cannot be downloaded and played offline.

Q) What piloting skill affects?
A) Piloting skill is the almost opposite of combat skill Where combat skill together with your firepower and speed determines how much damage you do, the piloting skill together with speed and shielding determines how little damage you take. When attacking a base piloting skill also determines how much damage the base will do to you.

Q) What's the formula you cause damage (skills & ships statistics)?
A) The actual formula will never become public, but several aspects determines the amount of damage done, including piloting skill and combat skill of each ship and of course the most obvious is that big ships does more damage to smaller ships then vice versa

Q) Are squadrons any other use than seeing others situation (which should be for all allied ships, not just your squad), and ability send mail only to your squad?
A) Squadrons is just a way of organize smaller groups of crafts within a legion. Its fast and easy communication if your squadron is out doing an operation.
The ability to see every single ship in the legion is a privilege of the Fleet Commander only.

Q) What exactly happens when your ship is destroyed? Do you respawn the next turn at your base? Is there a respawn delay as a penalty? Do you take a point penalty, or is this a valid way to jump across the map in a pinch?
A) When you die you can respawn instantly at your homebase in the same turn as the Grim Reaper took your craft, however you respawn in a brand new Lvl 1 ship with all your skills and shields back down to rock bottom again.

Q) At the moment we get 5 moves per turn right. We have to use those 5 moves in one hour, because it seems the upper limited of moves is 5. When I logged in last night I was expecting more than 5 moves this morning. Is there meant to be a cut off limit of 5 moves or is it a mistake.
A) Turns don't roll over like that. If you don't use your turns, they are just gone.

Q) Is EOC Online another EOC game or are we talking about the online component of EOC as it is?
A) It is a turn-based browser game based on the Edge Of Chaos universe, not the online modes in the actual game.

Q) Is this game going to become available via WAP or PDA?
A) Unfortunately no there are no plans for this to happen.

Q) Can I turn off the cut scenes?
A) No. The cut scenes are in there deliberately to stop you firing off all of your shots as quickly as possible.

Q) Is there any other help?
A) You can always take a look at UgMan's Updated EoCo Pilot Tips in the EOC Online Forums